Our Story

We created LifeBeforeDeath to solve the glaring gaps in the obituary process

We've all been devastated to hear about the passing of an old friend, neighbor or classmate months and years after the fact. Many of us have also carried the burden of communicating the passing of a loved one and the anxiety of not reaching everyone who needs to know.

Communities are the social fabric of our lives. They hold the memories of where you grew up, where you went to school, where you raised a family and where you lived your golden years. Though time has passed and people have moved on, the human bonds and memories we made in those communities live on forever.

LifeBeforeDeath was created to provide a better way to notify your communities past and present of a loved one's passing. An obituary created with LifeBeforeDeath will instantly notify those who were part of your community at the same time you were.