Write & publish your loved
ones obituary.

Write an Obituary For Family & Friends
Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult moments you'll ever face. Letting people know who passed shouldn't be.

Newspaper obituaries are expensive & ineffective.

When we lose a loved one, we carry a difficult burden of communicating the news to everyone who matters. The long-standing method of doing so in a newspaper is expensive and ineffective.

  • The average cost of a newspaper obituary is $400
  • The obituary will run once with a very limited geographic reach
  • With dwindling circulation & readership, you're unlikely to reach those that matter

There is a better way to write & share your loved ones obituary

Throughout our life, we have participated in several communities and formed human bonds that are not broken over time or geography. LifeBeforeDeath will help you create an obituary and share the news with past and present communities for only $19.95. You choose the timeframe active in those communities and people active during that same time are notified instantly.

Write & publish your loved ones obituary with LifeBeforeDeath.